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Created from Natural spring water, dill, cumin, fennel, anise and builds a heat with chili, lemon & Ginger.

Perfect as a base for non-alcoholic drinks / cocktails or a non-alcoholic schnapps for midsummer? Then you have found the right Järn Hvit is a versatile non-alcoholic spirit that can be used in most mocktails where you mimic cocktail recipes with light colored spirits. Use your creativity or keep it simple with our famous Järn & Tonic.

Järn Hvit was conceived as a schnapps, and we spent 12 months developing it to create the world's best non-alcoholic spirit. In April 1923, we won Gold at the Global Spirit Awards in London in the non-alcoholic category. 

A classic & elegant schnapps. The aroma of it makes you strongly consider if it is really non-alcoholic. It takes you on a journey back to Christmas dinners, Easter lunches and midsummer celebrations as they used to be. Despite the grittiness in the throat, it proudly stands at 0% alcohol. Well-balanced flavours of dill, caraway and other traditional flavour and aroma carriers. 0% Alcohol 100% Taste.


Fits with Tonic our favorites, Ekobryggeriet Original and Ekobryggeriet Granskott. 


Made in Sweden

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JÄRN is produced in Järvsö right next to the river Ljusnan on a farm that has been run by the same family for seven generations. The main ingredients of JÄRN are the herbs, the water, the knowledge and the craftsmanship. The water is drawn from a spring located in a patch of untouched forest high in the mountain behind the distillery. It is a natural spring that pushes up its crystal clear water from underground and forms a water hole in the middle of the deepest part of the forest.